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Difference as a Bridge: Cross-Cultural Love with Dr. Adia Gooden

Dr. Alexandra is joined by guest expert Dr. Adia Gooden for an in-depth discussion about loving across a cultural difference. Together they answer a listener question and then broaden out to discuss racial, ethnic, religious, and political differences in intimate partnerships. Dr. Alexandra and Dr. Adia validate the challenges these couples will likely face while also highlighting the beautiful possibilities for growth, richness, and respect between two individuals with different origin stories. This episode also explores the ways that cross-cultural relationships have the potential to send positive reverberations through families, communities, and beyond.

Mentioned in this episode:

Dr. Adia Gooden

Pew: Intermarriage in the U.S. 50 Years After Loving v. Virginia:

Pew: Interfaith marriage is common in U.S., particularly among the recently wed:

Pew: Shared religious beliefs in marriage important to some, but not all, married Americans

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