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Dr. Alexandra Solomon is a dynamic speaker who is known for her ability to invite her audiences to explore– with curiosity and compassion– the complexities of relationships.
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Alexandra speaks internationally to audiences who are craving a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships.

She seamlessly integrates research, clinical wisdom, and story-telling to support audiences’ exploration of complex and tender relationship topics ranging from marriage, sex, parenting, and dating to cultural difference, healthy communication, self-aware leadership, and workplace dynamics. She is as happy to create an intimate weekend retreat as she is to create a keynote address for thousands. Her audiences include military academies, corporations, colleges and universities, and organizations of all kinds. Alexandra has presented for organizations like the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT), the International Meeting on Couple Therapy, The United States Military Academy at West Point (USMA), Microsoft, and Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO), and she is a regular faculty member at the Psychotherapy Networker Symposium– the largest mental health conference in the country. For Alexandra, a speaking engagement as a relationship. She seeks to understand her audience before engaging with them, and her intention is to meet them where they are while guiding them toward new insights and skills they can use to improve their most important relationships.

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Modern Love:
Navigating Ambition and Love

A lunch and learn on building loving and lasting relationships in the modern world. Specifically, with the rise of dual-income households, Dr. Solomon will share her research and experience helping couples navigate challenging ambition decisions and career pressures.
Dr. Solomon led a conversation on building loving and lasting relationships in the modern world. Specifically, with the rise of dual-income households, she shared her research and experience helping couples navigate challenging ambition decisions and career pressures. The insights and tools she shared are relevant to all students and young professionals: single, coupled (opposite-sex, same-sex), etc. Attendees walked away with important reframes of what traditionally invokes fear in relationships involving two ambitious individuals, evolving those dimensions into behaviors that instead foster love.
Anna Radakrishnan
Director of Personal Development - Women's Business Association / MD-MBA Candidate, Kellogg School of Management

Loving Bravely:
Creating and Maintaining Intimacy in a Long-Term Relationship

Between careers, kids, and domestic and social responsibilities, protecting intimacy in our marriages has long been easier said than done. Add to the mix a global pandemic, racial reckoning, and political unrest, and nurturing our intimate partnerships may feel harder than ever. Dr. Solomon will help us explore how emotional and sexual intimacy relate to each other, and she will offer tools and perspectives to help us stay connected to ourselves and our spouses during this difficult time.
The content was great and the best part was her personality!
Windy City Chicago Chapter of YPO

Sex Matters:
Honoring the Challenges and Opportunities of the Erotic

Conversations sex tend to get stuck at the level of good/bad, right/wrong, taboo/titillation. We are long overdue for an approach to sex that celebrates it as a space of healing, expression, and play. Dr. Alexandra Solomon has been studying relationships for over two decades as a professor, therapist, and author. Whether she is working with members of the military, business leaders, clinicians, or college students, Dr. Solomon thoughtfully and compassionately blends clinical theory, research, and cultural critique in order to offer tools for loving with courage and optimism. In this talk, she will introduce you to the idea of sexual self-awareness and explore how sex is both a behavior and a gateway into some of the deepest questions we encounter as humans: Do I matter? Am I OK? Are you with me? You’ll leave with a new perspective and tools for approaching sex with empathy, curiosity, and self-compassion.

Alexandra Solomon’s speaking skills are that all-too-rare combination of deep knowledge, ease on stage, and relatability. She is skilled as both a solo presenter and in-conversation partner, and always arrives prepared and ready to connect with the audience.

Alexandra is particularly notable for her deft ability to engage the audience on the topics of sex, love, and intimacy. Using humor and insight, she creates a warm learning environment that supports vulnerability and connection.

In addition, Alexandra is an excellent collaborator who easily customizes her content to meet the needs of her host. She is a consummate professional who loves her work and her community.
Lonnie Stonitsch
Family Action Network (FAN)

The Dating Crucible:
Navigating Common Challenges

With more and more people choosing to marry later in life and sometimes not at all, knowing how to date well in today’s fast-paced world is essential. Learning relational metaskills can help clients avoid anxiety and depression linked to recent dating trends and approach beginnings and endings with more integrity and self-awareness, reducing collateral damage to both self and others. In this workshop, discover an integrative approach for helping your clients deal with common modern dating challenges, including using dating apps, identifying red flags, navigating commitment milestones, and breaking up.

You’ll explore:

"Alexandra Solomon is an essential voice in the areas of love, dating, sex, and relationships. She always brings a fresh, culturally relevant perspective that is unapologetic in its authenticity and yet engaging and approachable. Her workshops have become a staple of our annual symposium."
Zachary Taylor, MA, LPC, NCC
Director of Continuing Education, Psychotherapy Networker

Working Across Difference:
Identifying, Disrupting, and Preventing Microaggressions

We are living through a time of tremendous upheaval and uncertainty. Along with the stress, this painful time also gifts us the opportunity to examine and reimagine the culture of our organization. We are excited to offer this opportunity to learn new skills and a new perspective for working together across differences. Dr. Alexandra Solomon will provide training about microaggressions that will leave all of us better prepared to identify, disrupt, and ultimately prevent, behaviors that can erode collaboration and innovation in our organization. Although conversations about social justice can feel uncomfortable, we trust our ability to come together as a community of learners to ensure that we all have the tools we need to honor our mission of equity, service, and inclusion.
Dr. Solomon expertly facilitated a series of emotionally candid conversations on racial discrimination within our organization. Her empathy and thought provoking exercises helped us identify biases we didn’t know we had, and more importantly, how to work towards overcoming them. The sessions with Dr. Solomon, attended by thousands of our staff, jumpstarted our journey towards creating a more supportive and inclusive workplace culture. We look forward to working with Dr. Solomon again!
Director, Emerging Talent

Leading Bravely:
Authenticity from the Inside-Out

Research has identified that women in leadership experience a catch-22, feeling pressured to present as competent and strong while also conveying warmth and kindness. These mixed messages can leave leaders feeling as if they are walking a tightrope, trading authenticity for impression-management. In this keynote address, Dr. Solomon will talk about how Relational Self-Awareness can help us more deeply understand ourselves and experiences with colleagues, supervisors, and employees, so we can lead with courage and clarity.
“We have used Alexandra for a number of programs focusing on developing meaningful relationships, both personally and professionally. Our lawyers really enjoy her programs. Not only is Alexandra incredibly knowledgeable and passionate, she also is a talented presenter who connects with her audience, keeps them engaged, and offers practical tips. I can’t recommend working with her enough.”
Erica Gholson, JD
Associate Director of Professional Development, McDermott Will and Emery
“I have observed many, many speakers and workshop leaders over my years at my organization, Omega Institute. I’m always on the lookout for presenters who combine useful knowledge and powerful communication skills with wit, warmth, authenticity and humility. A tall order! It’s always a thrill when I meet someone who has all the ingredients of a great teacher. Alexandra Solomon is one of them.”
Elizabeth Lesser
Bestselling author and co-founder of Omega Institute

All workshops can be tailored to meet the needs of your audience.

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