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If you are a therapist or coach who is passionate about helping your clients create thriving intimate partnerships, you can turn to Alexandra.
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Alexandra has been training clinicians at all stages of development for nearly two decades. She spent many years on faculty in the Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy (MSMFT) program at The Family Institute at Northwestern University, teaching graduate students to work systemically with individuals, couples, and families. In addition, Alexandra gives workshops and keynote addresses about Relational and Sexual Self-Awareness at professional conferences in the US and around the world. Her integrative approach will help you help your clients navigate their intimate relationships with awareness and accountability.

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Loving Bravely

Helping clients who are single, dating and single again

The new rules of relationships and dating mean big changes for how we do therapy. Online dating apps, ghosting, commitment phobia, pre-Googling, defining the relationship (DTR), etc. Whether you’re an individual or a couples therapist, you’re working with relationships.

So when clients come to you for help with dating and relationships, do you know what to do?

This online course will bring to light some of the big issues your clients are dealing with in the new world of relationships … and arm you with an effective framework and practical tools so you can help them find the healthy romantic relationship they desire. Sign up now and master easy-to-integrate tools to help clients who are dating, recovering from breakups, and figuring out when to commit.

You’ll get exclusive access to eight step-by-step sessions that will teach you exactly what to say and do when working with:

You’ll end this training confident in your ability to help your clients navigate today’s complex dating world.

This is a self-guided e-course that includes 16 CEs.


Loving Bravely & Taking Sexy Back

Learn how you can use the Taking Sexy Back and Loving Bravely books to help your clients expand their Relational Self-Awareness (RSA):

Current, helpful, interesting, entertaining.
Kate G.
Monteagle, Tennessee
I love this course. I've nearly completed it and I find the material so helpful for myself, for my son, for life, and I'm 61. Thank you so much. I'm an art therapist and took this more for my own interest (finding myself single again). Even though I do not do couple counselling, I am sure this will help me with clients/participants when relationship issues arise. I wish every university and high school could impart this knowledge to students. Much appreciated.
Caroline E.
Hi, this is Kathy, LMFT. I am really enjoying the sessions I've listened to so far, finding useful tools and perspectives on relationships. I have a number of clients in my practice who are single and dating, and I too am single after having been married over 40 years, so this feels timely and relevant.
Kathryn C.
Alexandra covers a thorough breadth of details with a heartful and knowledgeable presence.
Renee B.
Davis, California

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