The Other Significant Others: How to Reimagine Your Friendships with Rhaina Cohen

What would change if, instead of prioritizing romantic relationships, we made friendships the center of our lives? NPR’s Rhaina Cohen joins Reimagining Love to explore the possibilities embedded within that question. In her new …

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Dealing with Breakup Regret

This article is based on the Reimagining Love podcast episode “Dealing with Breakup Regret.” To listen to this episode, click here. Welcome back to the blog! Today’s topic is “Dealing …


Liberated Love: From Codependency to Relational Safety with Mark Groves & Kylie McBeath

Mark Groves and Kylie McBeath join Reimagining Love to share the story of their relationship—the story that inspired their new book, Liberated Love: Release Codependent Patterns and Create the Love You Desire. In this …


When You’re the Affair Partner

Throughout her decades as a therapist, Dr. Alexandra has helped many people navigate being “the affair partner.” Participating in infidelity creates an intoxicating yet profoundly confusing blend of emotions and …


When Shame Blocks Repair

In this solo episode, Dr. Alexandra confronts a common roadblock to repair: shame. Often, in the wake of relational harm, feelings of shame secretly run the show, causing you to …


Conscious Uncoupling: Divorce as an Ending, Not a Failure with Katherine Woodward Thomas

Ten years after “conscious uncoupling” first entered the public lexicon, Katherine Woodward Thomas joins Reimagining Love to discuss her powerful rebrand of what’s possible after a breakup or divorce. Through sharing her …

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Tending to Your Inner Child

This article is based on the Reimagining Love podcast episode “Tending to Your Inner Child.” To listen to this episode, click here. A big part of Relational Self-Awareness is understanding

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