“Right person, wrong time”

The timing of how things play out in our lives is often out of our control. How do we decide whether to pursue a budding relationship, even when “the time …


Is Your “Situationship” Working?

Casual and/or circumstantial relationships can be fun, but they also pose unique challenges and often bring up complex emotions. In this episode, Dr. Alexandra shares her thoughts on “situationships” and …

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Tending to Your Inner Child

This article is based on the Reimagining Love podcast episode “Tending to Your Inner Child.” To listen to this episode, click here. A big part of Relational Self-Awareness is understanding …

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Talking about the Future with Your Partner: Navigating a Pace-Discrepancy (Part I)

This article is based on the Reimagining Love podcast episode “Talking about the Future with Your Partner: Navigating a Pace-Discrepancy.” To listen to this episode, click here. In this article, …


Lessons from the Longest Study on Happiness: The Connection Between Thriving Relationships and A Fulfilling Life with Dr. Marc Schulz

Dr. Marc Schulz, co-author of the book “The Good Life: Lessons from the World’s Longest Scientific Study of Happiness” joins Dr. Alexandra for a fascinating overview of the longitudinal research …


Masculinity & Vulnerability: How Men’s Healing Helps All of Us with Connor Beaton

Dr. Alexandra’s guest on this episode is Connor Beaton, a coach, speaker, and author of the new book “Men’s Work.” Their conversation focuses on men’s work and healing and touches …

Communication and Conflict

Common Areas of Conflict: Housework

According to my colleague Dr. Cheryl Rampage, housework is “the spinach of married life.” While almost no one like housework, it has to get done! What’s worse, chances are pretty

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